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One of Clifton, New Jersey’s leading podiatrists, Velimir Petkov, DPM, reports that many foot and ankle conditions require the use of X-ray and Diagnostic Ultrasound in order to properly diagnose the underlying bone and soft tissue pathology. Modern imaging helps Dr. Petkov confirm the cause of your foot or ankle discomfort promptly, so you can get treated right away. Learn more about the advanced X-ray and ultrasound imaging services offered directly in the clinic by scheduling an appointment. Book online or over the phone.

X-Rays & Ultrasounds Q & A

Why do I need imaging?

X-ray and ultrasound imaging are the best ways to confirm a diagnosis or to rule out suspected sources of pain. High-frequency digital x-rays allow Dr. Petkov to better diagnose your specific condition without referring you to another facility. The ability to zoom in on digital x-rays help see things that you wouldn't normally see on plain film x-rays.

You might need an X-ray or ultrasound if you have:

  • Chronic foot or ankle pain
  • Arthritis in your lower extremities
  • Sports injuries
  • Sprains or strains
  • Flat feet

Digital X-ray imaging offered at Premier Podiatry uses half the amount of radiation as traditional X-ray machines, so you won’t have to worry about excessive radiation exposure.

What is the difference between an X-ray and an ultrasound?

Depending on your condition or injury, Dr. Petkov may order an X-ray or ultrasound — sometimes both. An X-ray uses a small amount of ionizing radiation that passes through your body. Each type of bone or tissue absorbs different amounts of the beams.

Dense components, such as bones, absorb more radiation than soft tissues, which is why bones appear white. Ultrasound imaging is used to view soft tissues and uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images instead of radiation.

Sometimes ultrasounds are beneficial for hard-to-detect issues or soft tissue injuries because they’re in real time. This allows Dr. Petkov to glide the ultrasound’s handheld device over your injured area, so he can target the precise area he needs to see. Ultrasound imaging can also be used in order to guide injection therapy for various foot and ankle problems.

How many X-rays or ultrasound images do I need?

It just depends on your specific condition. With X-rays, Dr. Petkov might need to get several angles of your foot or ankle, which could require you to get multiple X-rays during a single session. Since ultrasounds are in real time, he can continue gathering images as needed.

In many cases, it’s common to need follow-up X-ray or ultrasound imaging a couple months after your treatment or surgery, just to ensure you’re healing properly.

Can I get copies of my X-rays or ultrasounds?

Absolutely! The team at Premier Podiatry uploads your images directly to your patient portal, which allows you to view them personally and forward them to other members of your health care team.

You won’t have to worry about waiting for your images to be processed, nor are you going to have to carry them around yourself. With just a few clicks, you can view and forward your images.

Get the most advanced X-ray or ultrasound imaging available at Premier Podiatry. You can either request your appointment online or call the office.