Join us for a 5K run & 1-mile walk in Clifton, NJ. Get a free foot checkup by Dr. Velimir Petkov

If you enjoy running or going for walks, please consider taking part in the Saint Peter's Premiere BLOOMIN' 5K & 1-mile walk on Sunday, April 14th at 8:00 a.m.

Join our podiatrist Dr. Velimir Petkov and the Premier Podiatry team at the Clifton Stadium/Memorial Park in the movement to end hunger and homelessness in our local community.

Link for more info and registration.

All registrants are also invited to get a free foot checkup performed directly by Dr. Velimir Petkov in our modern family-friendly Clifton Ave. podiatry office.

At Premier Podiatry, we see a fair share of runners and fitness enthusiasts with foot pain, heel pain, stress fractures, and other conditions. We're always striving to help our patients enjoy a pain-free active lifestyle.

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