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Laser Wart Removal

No one likes having warts, as they’re unsightly and may even cause you pain. That’s especially true when plantar warts grow on your feet. They can cause discomfort whenever you stand or walk. Wart removal is easy with laser treatment in the office of Clifton, NJ podiatry. Dr. Velimir Petkov has the tools, the knowledge and the experience using a laser to safely and effectively take care of your warts and get you up and moving again. Call or visit us in Clifton, NJ or Wayne, NJ for an evaluation and the newest laser plantar wart removal surgery.

Laser treatment for plantar warts is often the best choice for you if you’re suffering from warts on your feet. The condition develops because of the human papillomavirus (HPV) that infects the soles of your feet. The most common cause of the infection is walking on contaminated surfaces in public showers, gym locker rooms and swimming pools. You can also contract the virus if you suffer from corns and calluses.

Laser Wart RemovalWhen you develop warts, they usually resemble small black dots that become larger over time. Warts can also become very painful, causing heel pain every time you walk or stand up. Plantar warts especially grow deep within your skin, making it difficult to remove without the help of a laser.

The most common reasons for qualified foot specialist Clifton, NJ Dr. Velimir Petkov — your foot doctor at Premier Podiatry  — to recommend laser wart removal include:

  • The medications you’re taking aren’t working any longer
  • The warts are in an inaccessible position
  • Your warts are too big or spread out across your sole
  • You’re pregnant and need a safe way to remove the warts
  • Your immune system is compromised and your infection can cause more damage
  • You have poor blood circulation that prevents the wound from healing properly
  • You’re suffering from diabetic foot ulcers

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How Laser Treatment for Warts Works

Warts are highly contagious, as is HPV. Plantar warts often require an aggressive course of treatments. Lasers focus a beam of light that penetrates the walls of the wart to destroy it. New Jersey podiatrists usually recommend the treatment only for severe cases and when other measures fail. To treat your warts with a laser, you have two treatment options:

  • Pulse Dye Laser. This type of laser involves targeting the hemoglobin-rich blood vessels of the warts. The heat seals off the blood vessels, causing the wart to dry up and eventually fall off. The success rate for this type of laser foot wart removal procedure is 79 percent.
  • Carbon Dioxide Laser. This procedure involves using the laser as a scalpel to cut around the wart. Then the base of the wart is vaporized. Recurrence of warts with this type of laser wart removal is rare.
  • If Dr. Petkov recommends laser for warts in your case, you can expect to need one to three laser treatments for plantar warts, each about two weeks apart. When you get the laser treatment, the area around the wart can become dark. But this skin discoloration usually clears up as you heal.

Getting Laser Foot Wart Removal

Minimally invasive foot surgery by laser involves zapping warts with a powerful laser beam of light. For large warts or if you have many warts, you’re given a local anesthetic before the procedure for pain management. Under the experienced eye of Dr. Petkov’s at Premier Podiatry, your laser treatments are always free of risks. When preparing the laser for treating your warts, your foot doctor considers many factors, including:

  • Wavelength, which is the measurement of light that’s necessary to penetrate the wart tissue without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue
  • Duration, which involves determining the short pulses, so they’re more effective and cause minimum tissue damage
  • Repetition rate, which depends on the severity of your condition
  • Spot size or how small or big the laser beam should be to successfully destroy the wart
  • Fluence, which measures the amount of heat required to destroy the wart

You can get the plantar wart removal surgery in the comfort of your doctor’s office in Clifton, New Jersey. There are few limitations after the procedure, although you may be sore for a day or two. Since the laser focuses on the wart and doesn’t damage the surrounding tissue, you can expect hardly any scarring on your foot.

Recovering from Laser Plantar Wart Removal

Recovery time after the procedure depends on how deeply rooted the wart was, the number of warts removed and the area of treatment. In general, you can expect to be fully healed in two to six weeks.

The procedure may be covered by your insurance policy if your podiatrist determines that you need wart removal for medical reasons. Contact Premier Podiatry for laser wart removal surgery to get rid of the plantar warts from your feet. You get all the information you need to make a decision before the procedure.

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