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Heel or Toe Spurs

Bony protuberances on your feet aren’t painful by themselves, but they are the cause of pain by rubbing up against your muscles, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissue. This abnormal friction can wear down your bones, cartilage and muscle, stopping you from participating in the activities you love. But heel and toe spurs are treatable and preventable. Call on Dr. Velimir Petkov at the podiatry clinic in Clifton, NJ, for fast, effective treatment options.

Heel or toe bone spurs may be the cause of your heel pain or toe pain. Bone spurs are calcium deposits that build up, causing bony bulges that feel solid under your skin. Over time, spurs damage your bones, muscles and tendons through friction. When you feel any foot pain, talk to a foot doctor like Dr. Velimir Petkov at Premier Podiatry in Passaic County, New Jersey.

Bone spurs on your toes usually develop on the top of the joints, where they cause pain and stiffness in your toes. On your heels, bone spurs usually form in one of two locations:

Heel Spur

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Symptoms of Heel or Toe Spurs

Those who are most likely at risk of developing bone spurs include:

  • Athletes and dancers who put excessive pressure on their heel bone and surrounding tissue
  • Middle-aged or older people, as increased age brings increased risk
  • Pregnant women whose ligaments have stretched due to the weight gain
  • Adults with jobs that require standing or walking for long periods
  • Those who are overweight, as extra weight stresses feet more
  • People with flat feet
  • Adults who wear high heels or poorly-fitting shoes

A bone spur on your heel or toe doesn’t always show symptoms. But it can cause soft-tissue damage, and that’s the source of your pain. When you’re walking or jogging, the bone spurs grate against your muscles and tendons, causing such symptoms as:

Reasons for Heel or Toe Spurs

Heel spurs are common in people suffering from chronic plantar fasciitis. Thick, fibrous bands of connective tissue extend from the sole of your feet to the toes. Over time, these tissues develop tears or become inflamed. What you think is a bone spur is really a soft tissue problem.

Foot injuries and diseases are associated with heel or toe spurs. Osteoarthritis is one reason for bone spurs. Arthritis damages the cartilage that cushions the end of your joint bones. Without the cushioning, the joints grate against one another, causing severe pain and inflammation.

Diagnosis for Heel Spur Relief

Dr. Petkov, your experienced foot specialist New Jersey, thoroughly examines your foot when you come in for an evaluation. He asks about any recent injuries, since a badly sprained ankle or a foot or ankle fracture related to osteoporosis, can lead to heel or toe spurs. Tell your doctor about your existing medical conditions, as diabetes sometimes leads to a condition known as diabetic foot.

You may need some imaging tests before your bone spur treatment. Dr. Petkov may recommend:

  • Digital x-rays
  • Diagnostic ultrasound
  • MRI scans

How to Treat Heel Spurs and Toe Spurs

The heel spur relief you get depends on the severity of your condition and any other foot problems you have. You may only need to ice the area and use medications like ibuprofen to ease pain and swelling. If your pain continues or becomes unbearable, you can opt for corticosteroid or platelet-rich plasma injections. Other available treatment options include:

Your New Jersey foot doctor may suggest surgical methods for getting rid of heel spurs, such as a:

Contact Premier Podiatry to get rid of any pain caused by toe or heel spurs. Dr. Velimir Petkov is an expert in diagnosing toe or heel bone spurs and treating you for them effectively.

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