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Very often, to gain relief from the pain of foot disorders, your podiatrist must treat you with advanced interventions, such as surgery or injections. But sometimes, all you may need is a much simpler remedy, as a set of custom shoe inserts called orthotics. Orthotics relieve your foot pain, thereby restoring your normal gait and solving your painful foot problem. This technique is especially effective for genetic foot problems, such as flat feet, that usually don’t respond well to other treatments. Visit the orthotic expert at podiatry practice in Clifton, New Jersey to get a thorough evaluation and assessment, as well as the exact orthotics you need to relieve your pain and restore proper foot function.

Foot pain can be caused by so many medical conditions and various injuries that you need the trained eye of an experienced podiatrist to accurately diagnose and treat the pain. Because your feet undergo daily wear and tear, any number of things can cause toe pain, heel pain or ankle pain. For example:

Fortunately, many types of foot problems can be relieved by orthotics — which are custom-made shoe inserts that provide support and stability. For some people, orthotics also relieve pain in the hip, knee or lower back, as well. You can find off-the-shelf orthotics in some pharmacies and shoe stores, but there’s a big difference in the quality and effectiveness of orthotics sold over-the-counter and the custom orthotics that are specially designed for your foot by a qualified podiatrist.

Dr. Velimir Petkov at Premier Podiatry is one of the only providers in the Clifton, NJ and Wayne, NJ area who offers same-day orthotics. When you have foot or leg discomfort evaluated by Dr. Petkov, he conducts a thorough examination of your feet, legs and ankles. If he determines custom orthotics would be beneficial for you, the exam includes the use of a cutting-edge computer system that takes precise digital measurements of your foot.

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Types of Foot Orthotics

Prescription orthotics can be made from a variety of different materials. The type of foot orthotics prescribed for you depends on your specific needs. The types of orthotics include:

  • Accommodative. Crafted of soft materials, accommodative orthotics are used to treat conditions such as calluses and diabetic foot ulcers that require cushioning.
  • Functional. Usually crafted of a semi-rigid material, such as graphite or plastic, functional orthotics are used to treat pain caused by abnormal motion. Tendinitis and shin splints are examples of conditions that may benefit from this type of foot orthotics.

While over-the-counter orthotics may provide some relief from foot pain, prescription orthotics are much more precisely molded for your individual foot. They’re made of quality materials and designed to last for many years.

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Who Can Benefit from Custom Orthotics?

Any imbalance in your feet can change your posture and affect not just the comfort of your feet, but of your entire body. Your best-rated foot specialist may recommend orthotic inserts if tendons, ligaments, joints or muscles aren’t in the best position and are causing discomfort and pain. Orthotics may be beneficial to you if:

  • You’re experiencing persistent heel, knee or lower back pain.
  • The sole of one side of your shoe wears out faster than the other.
  • Your feet point toward the side as you walk.
  • You twist or sprain your ankle frequently.
  • Your toes aren’t straight.

Many problems benefit from custom orthotics, including sports injuries, arch pain, heel pain or pain caused by bunions. Foot fatigue caused by having to stand for long hours at work can also be relieved with orthotic insoles. Orthotics for plantar fasciitis and ball of foot pain minimizes the stretching of the long thin ligament that lies just under the skin on the bottom of your foot.

Getting Expert Care for Foot Pain

You don’t have to live with foot pain, especially if it’s affecting your mobility or your quality of life. Get in touch with Dr. Petkov for expert care and treatment of your foot pain or toe pain. When you have your initial consultation, Dr. Petkov evaluates your symptoms and how you walk. With this information, he determines whether custom orthotics can help or if you need a different approach to treatment.

Orthotics can help the tendons, bones, and muscles of your feet function as effectively as possible while reducing the impact and pressure on your feet. Custom inserts may decrease pain in your feet and sometimes even in other parts of your body as well. Schedule an appointment at Premier Podiatry to see Dr. Petkov so he can recommend a treatment plan and put that plan into action. Start feeling better soon; call today.

Orthotics Q & A

Why Do I Need Orthotics?

As symmetrically in-line as your body may feel, both sides are different. It’s normal to have one foot that’s half a size bigger than the other or one leg that’s just a smidge longer. While issues like these aren’t medical concerns, they can put a little added strain on your entire skeleton and push bones and connective tissues out of alignment.

The benefit of orthotics is that they give you support right where you need it. And since each foot is different, both of your orthotics should be different. This is why it’s so important to have orthotics custom-designed for each of your feet to help with arthritis, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and more.

How Are Orthotics Made?

When you schedule an orthotics appointment at Premier Podiatry, Dr. Petkov sits down with you and discusses your foot and ankle concerns to ensure your custom orthotics are going to give you the support you need. He uses a cutting-edge computer system to digitally scan your feet and take precise measurements.

The system designs your orthotics using strong, rigid materials, such as molded polypropylene. Once your orthotics are made, you can easily slip them into the shoes you wear on a daily basis and swap them into different pairs of shoes as needed.

How Long Does It Take to Get Custom Orthotics?

Years ago, it would take up to three weeks to get custom orthotics made since your podiatrist had to send a plaster mold of your feet off to a lab. But because Dr. Petkov uses the latest technology to design and create your custom orthotics right in the office, you can get them the same day.

Many orthotic wearers come in for their appointment in the morning, go run errands or go to work, then swing by and pick up their new set of prescription orthotics on their way home. Not only can you get your orthotics the same day, Dr. Petkov evaluates you to ensure they fit you perfectly and makes any essential adjustments you may need.

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