New Jersey Family's Favorite Kids' Docs - 2019

Premier Podiatry's Dr. Velimir Petkov has been selected as NJ Family's Favorite Kids' Doc for 2019!

The magazine collects nominations from parents throughout New Jersey to identify physicians who provide exceptional care to their children.

We'd like to thank all of the New Jersey families that make our jobs so enjoyable each and every day! It's a true privilege serving you and your children's foot and ankle needs.

As you may already know, children are some of our favorite patients and pediatric podiatry is a big aspect of our practice. We help our youngest patients get rid of painful ingrown toenails, unpleasant plantar warts, and we treat flat feet, wounds, sprains, and fractures.

If or your loved ones suffer from foot pain, heel pain or have a related condition, call or text us at (973) 315-5555. Our friendly patient care coordinators are always happy to answer any questions. They can also help you out with an insurance benefits check or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Petkov in our family-friendly Clifton podiatry office.

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