Save Time By Registering Prior To Your Exam

Did you know that the majority of our patients don't wait in our Clifton podiatry office longer than 5-10 minutes?

At Premier Podiatry, we always strive to minimize wait times and improve our patients' experience. Besides providing excellent foot care, your convenience is always our top priority. This is why we are happy to announce that we have implemented electronic check in.

How does it work?

Simply schedule an appointment using our website or by calling us at (973) 315-5555. 

You will receive a text message, inviting you to register.

You can fill out all patient forms at your convenience, directly on your cell phone. Alternatively, you are welcome to use our in-office tablets once you arrive for your appointment. 

You can even upload a picture of your ID and insurance card(s).

What are the benefits of using electronic check in?

New patients register in as little as 5 minutes and returning patients - in under 2. That helps minimize wait times significantly.

The electronic check in system is completely integrated with our patient records, eliminating man-made errors. 

Uploading your insurance cards allows the system to scan for insurance benefits.

You can see and save a copy of your signed forms once you are done.

Is it secure?

All information is securely transmitted to our cloud-based HIPAA-compliant Electronic Health Record system.

Our patient care coordinator is always happy to answer any questions that you might have or help you register.

We hope that you enjoy this exciting new feature.

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