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Very often, children’s foot and ankle problems are apparent at birth, although mobility issues may not develop until your child starts walking. New parents are relieved to know there’s an expert available in New Jersey with answers to developmental and genetic questions involving your kids’ feet. And every parent knows how vulnerable kids are to accidents that, treated incorrectly, can lead to much bigger consequences down the line. When these concerns arise, your children deserve the best care and treatment to protect their mobility. When you have questions that concern your children’s feet, call on the kid’s podiatrists at Premier Podiatry Center. Dr. Petkov, New Jersey’s top foot doctor for kids, will give you clear answers and options to dispel your worries.

When you want to get your children started off on the right foot in life, consider that literally and ensure that your kids’ feet, ankles, and lower legs are as healthy as possible. A children’s podiatrist is best suited to diagnose and treat a variety of issues that could impair your child’s life going forward. After all, feet form the basis of mobility, and any deficiencies in the lower extremities can produce a domino effect that impacts the entire body.

Whether your child has a birth defect, suffered a recent injury or is complaining of ankle pain or foot pain, you can find the best pediatric podiatrist in New Jersey at Premier Podiatry. Dr. Velimir Petrov was named one of New Jersey’s Favorite Kids’ Docs in 2019 in New Jersey Family Magazine. Parents nominated this expert kid’s foot specialist in New Jersey and the outstanding, compassionate team at Premier Podiatry after their successes in relieving children’s ankle and foot problems.



Early Stages of Kids and Their Feet

From birth, you can recognize problems with your baby’s feet. Clubfoot is the most common infant foot defect. It refers to the awkward position of the feet, usually turned inward and down. Early intervention increases the odds of successful treatment. Variations of the defect include:

  • Positional club foot. This condition occurs when feet are bent because of the position they maintained in the uterus. This usually is corrected with immobilization and physical therapy, which can be accomplished manually on an infant.
  • True clubfoot. Ankle and foot bone underdevelopment usually cause this condition, although it may involve a problem with calf muscles. A cast to immobilize the errant development may fix the problem, but surgery may be needed if bone growth doesn’t improve.
  • Larsen syndrome. A rare genetic disorder, Larsen syndrome includes both clubfoot abnormalities in conjunction with dislocated elbows, knees and hips. Often, long-term physical therapy is required following immobilization and possibly complex orthopedic surgical interventions.

Some foot problems you notice in your newborn correct themselves in time. They may be treatable with a cast or corrected with orthotics once your baby starts walking. Even flat foot surgery performed at an early age goes smoother and saves your child from experiencing mobility issues and discomfort while growing up. Early diagnosis from an experienced pediatric podiatrist is the first step to getting your child the most appropriate treatment and best possible outcomes.

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As Your Kids Age

As kids grow up, they become susceptible to many of the same foot and ankle problems that plague adults. Lifestyle habits, such as wearing the wrong kinds of shoes for athletics or eating a diet high in sugar, take its toll in early and late childhood. Accidents and heredity also play roles in the development of certain foot problems.

If your child suffers from walking problems or complains of foot pain, toe pain or heel pain, arrange a consultation with an experienced children’s podiatrist to carefully inspect your child’s feet, ankles and lower legs. Common conditions that need the solutions provided by pediatric podiatry include:

Why Pediatric Podiatry?

A pediatric podiatrist takes special care of your children because he has experience working with kids and extensive training in the needs of younger patients. Make sure your children’s podiatrist listens to your concerns, as well as your child’s thoughts and feelings. Because proper care and treatment of feet-related conditions are so intertwined with proper physical development and mobility, you need the expertise you get from the best podiatrist in NJ.

Contact Premier Podiatry today for an appointment at their Clifton office. With Dr. Petkov, you and your child can expect:

  • Personalized care — because your child is unique
  • A thoughtful, caring team that knows how to make kids comfortable
  • A practice that accepts most insurance plans and works diligently to reduce your out-of-pocket charges
  • State-of-the-art facilities and diagnostic equipment
  • A practice that offers the most extensive treatment options
  • Practical at-home solutions and follow-up care for continued good health

Why is it important to see a podiatrist with experience in pediatric podiatry?

Because children’s feet and ankles are rapidly growing, pediatric foot care requires special skills, training, and experience to ensure this growth process is not hindered. Plus, the rapid growth and regeneration of tissue that occur in children also affect the way foot and ankle injuries heal, and those differences also must be taken into account when determining the best course of treatment.

Pediatric Podiatry Q & A

What is pediatric foot care?

Pediatric foot care includes assessments and treatments focused on addressing specific acute and chronic foot- and ankle-related issues as well as issues with gait, or the way a child walks, and overall development of the bony and soft structures of the feet and ankles.

Childhood is a time of significant and often rapid growth, and a podiatrist who specializes in pediatric issues is skilled in identifying problems and diagnosing them in their earliest stages when treatment can be most effective. Pediatric podiatrists also understand the different way children heal following an injury or surgical procedure, so they can make sure the treatment that is provided supports continued normal development and function of the foot and ankle as the child grows.

What kinds of foot problems affect children?

In addition to foot and ankle injuries that arise from sports and other physical activities, children may also experience issues that arise as a consequence of abnormal growth and development or congenital conditions, including:

  • clubfoot and in-toeing
  • flatfoot deformity
  • ingrown toenails, plantar warts, and skin problems
  • ligament or tendon growth abnormalities that can interfere with normal, comfortable movement
  • problems with a gait that affect the way a child walks and can have a direct influence on their ability to participate in sports and other childhood activities

Why is it important to see a podiatrist with experience in pediatric podiatry?

Because children’s feet and ankles are rapidly growing, pediatric foot care requires special skills, training, and experience to ensure this growth process is not hindered. Plus, the rapid growth and regeneration of tissue that occur in children also affect the way foot and ankle injuries heal, and those differences also must be taken into account when determining the best course of treatment.

How are pediatric foot problems diagnosed and treated?

Diagnosis begins with a thorough examination of the foot and ankle, including passive and active exercises to observe how the foot and ankle move and to locate sources of pain or other symptoms. Personal and family medical histories are also taken into account to look for risk factors or other issues that can help guide diagnosis and treatment. X-rays or other types of diagnostic imaging tests may also be ordered. Treatment begins with conservative options like bracing, splinting, casting, and physical therapy, with surgery reserved for cases where conservative approaches fail to provide adequate results.

Do you have questions about pediatric podiatry in New Jersey? For more information or schedule an appointment with a top-rated podiatrist for kids and teens, Velimir Petkov, DPM, visit our center in New Jersey, with offices in Clifton NJ, and Wayne, NJ.

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