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Because untreated nail fungus can eventually leave your nails so brittle that they start to break away, it’s important to have your condition treated at the first sign of an infection. With his expertise in the latest nail fungus treatments, Velimir Petkov, DPM, of Premier Podiatry can help you restore your healthy nails. Book your nail fungus evaluation at this Clifton, New Jersey, podiatry practice today. Schedule online or over the phone.

Nail Fungus Q & A

What causes nail fungus?

As the name implies, nail fungus is an infection caused by various fungal organisms, with dermatophytes being most common. These organisms thrive in dark, moist environments, which is why fungal infections on your toenails are often more common than your fingernails: Sweaty shoes and socks are ideal conditions for the infection to spread.

While most healthy men and women can fight off the foreign invaders that cause nail fungus infections, some risk factors can increase your chances of developing this condition. You can develop a nail fungus infection if you:

  • Have a history of athlete’s foot
  • Have a minor skin injury or condition
  • Are older or have reduced blood flow
  • Walk around barefoot in damp communal areas, like locker rooms

Occasionally, yeasts and molds can cause nail infections, too. Because symptoms are similar and antifungal treatments won’t work for yeasts or molds, you need to understand the symptoms of a nail infection and seek medical treatment right away.

Are there symptoms of nail fungus?

Yes. Usually, you notice that your nails start changing color, turning more of a yellow-brown shade. As your fungus infection worsens, your nails may:

  • Become misshapen
  • Have a foul odor
  • Become crumbly
  • Get thicker

If left untreated, nail fungus infections can cause your nails to break away, which can lead to severe pain and discomfort. The sooner you get started on your nail fungus treatment at Premier Podiatry, the better your chances of avoiding dramatic nail damage.

How is nail fungus treated?

Dr. Petkov stays current with the latest and most advanced nail fungus treatments available, so you can expect effective relief. Your personalized nail fungus treatment plan may include:

If your nail fungus condition is worsening, or if you’re just not experiencing an improvement, Dr. Petkov may suggest removing the entire nail. This way, he can apply the antifungal medications directly to the sensitive skin under your nail to more effectively resolve your infection.

Before your nail fungus worsens, schedule an evaluation at Premier Podiatry. You can either request an appointment online or over the phone.